Metrum ambre no audio output with Myvolumio

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Iam a computer noob. So a bit lost with my brand new install of Volumio. The metrum ambre digital streamer came with a Rpi 3b+ enabled as a roon end point. Since i didnt like roon the last time i tried it. I have replaced the Micro sd card of the metrum ambre with a new sd card with the lastest myvolumio image downloaded today morning. Though with my very limited skills, i managed to get the whole thing going. But iam now stuck with no audio output coming out of the metrum ambre going into a AMR dp-777 dac via aes ebu. I tried playing from both tidal, as well as my WD mycloud HD /nas, plugged into the same router. The app on my android phone shows the track as playing, but the music light on the metrum ambre does not light up. In the metrum ambre, whenever music is played, this light glows up when the system is outputing music out of its digital outputs. Now this light is not lighting up at all. And despite trying various inputs on the AmR dac, iam not getting any sound . The AmR also shows a jitter lock and incoming track sampling rates, and all are showing as none.

So i suspect the myvolumio installation on my metrum ambre is not outputing any track. In the audio output options, it is showing only i2s and audio jack, as the available options. And irrespective of what i change in these settings, the music light on the metrum ambre is not glowing up. I even changed the DSD playback to DSD over pcm, but still no result. So iam stuck with no music now. Request to kindly help.

This is a two year old topic, but I had a similar problem. When I started the Volumio SD card in my Metrum Ambre, I had only choise between Headphones and HDMI and no sound on my Coax output. With a bit of luck, thanks to the Audiolinux site and logical thinking I found out you have to put 12S on and then choose the HiFI Berry Digi+Pro DAC.


I have same issues, how did you enable I2S output to work correctly? I have not yet installed Volumio OS on the micro-S card; looking for simple step-by-step instructions to make sure all outputs on the Ambre work correctly