Mercedes Sosa - Misa Criolla

I recently found this very nice album when I actually searched other possibly interesting pieces of music. From HDTracks store I saw Daniel Hope’s album “Hope” where he plays Ariel Ramírez Misa Criolla. Then I went and listened from YT how it sounds, it sounded very nice and went into my wish-list. YT then recommended Misa Criolla interpreted by José Carreras and then also interpretation by Mercedes Sosa. When I heard Mercedes interpretation I was sold. It is probably musically on of the best interpretation of Misa Criolla. Recording of this album is very nicely done, its a pity that only CD-quality recording was made.

For reference Discoqs page: Mercedes Sosa - Misa Criolla | Releases | Discogs

I’m sure that it is available on most streaming platforms and stores.

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