Media Servers not available if wireless is disabled

Hello, I would like to report a small issue with Volumio on Asus Tinkerboard.
On both my tinkerboard, which are connected to the network via ethernet, I tried to entirely disable wi-fi.any
This lead to media servers not being available.
After further troubleshooting, it appears that the bug depends on the hotspot being enabled. If so, the servers remain available without the need of any reboot.
I stay at your disposal for any further test.

Thank you for your great work! Volumio is so awesome :slight_smile:

Best regards!

Hello, I must correct myself.
The media server seem to not be available if I try to disable wi-fi, regardless of the hotspot being active.
Thank you for your attention!

After recent updates, I am happy to report that I do not experience the issue anymore, either with a LAN connection or a wi-fi connection.
Well done, regards!