Media server folders are empty

Newbie to Volumio but yesterday installed it on a new Raspberry Pi 4/B via my Macbook. All went well.

Previously, I had been streaming my files to my iPad from an iMac using a nice little server program called Serve To Me/Stream To Me. Serve To Me showed up on the Media Servers list on the browser interface, all my music folders were present, but all were empty. I have changed the permissions on all the relevant folders and files on the iMac server to be “777” = “-rwxrwxrwx” but no joy, all still empty.

Any ideas, anyone?

Also, I cannot ssh into the Pi using “ssh volumio.local” or “ssh volumio.local/dev”. The first gives me “Permission denied, please try again” after password, the second gives “ssh: Could not resolve hostname volumio.local/dev: nodename nor servname provided, or not known”.

Im having similar problems with my library being empty. ??
To login try ssh volumio@volumio.local or ssh -l volumio volumio.local

Dear Pete,

Thanks for your reply. In the middle of a Volumio session, my Pi stopped and I have not been able to reboot it. I have sent it back to the Pi Hut for a replacement.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and connect to the streamer app “Stream to Me” so I will investigate connecting to a disk on another Mac as music library. If this doesn’t work, I will buy a 128 GB drive for £10, put all my music library on that and plug it into the Pi. But it’s not as convenient.

Thanks for the tip on ssh, I will try it as soon as my Pi returns.

All the Best,