Max volume not loud enough

Has anyone got a fix for more volume or higher gain from my Primo V2?

Love the quality and detail of the sound but want a little more headroom.

I am using quality XLR - XLR cables direct to a 400+ watt into 4ohm amp (MarchAudio P422) driving Dali Oberon 9 floor standing speakers in a large room.

The volume at max 100 is acceptable but not for some tracks nor when listening from further away.

The amp has an extra gain switch for RCA - XLR connections that I have to use to get decent volume.

The amp is seriously loud when I use a Rotel RA-11 as a pre-amp for digital sources like CD and TV.

The unbalanced RCA output on Primo v2 delivers 2Vrms, the balanced XLR output deliveres 4Vrms, when volume is set at 100%

It’s not possible to increase it further

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I’m still a little confused as the output on my Rotel pre-amp specs reads:
Preamp Output / Impedance 1 V / 470 Ohms
That should make the volume from the Primo louder?

From my amp specs:

My mistake, made the error of not using the app volume control, therefore playing with my iPhone volume at max with the Volumio preset at 50%…
Back in business and loving the experience.
There are three types or errors.
Liveware… :face_with_peeking_eye: