Marshall the Little

this was my first project, a radio for the kitchen, then I kept changing it until nowadays you can go everywhere with it.
thanks to the Powerbank of 10000 mh that can stand more than 1 week working non-stop.
all of this was possible, following Adrii’s installation instructions on

From now on, my thanks to Him and to all who were part of this project
works very well and smooth
thank you guys
Raspeberry Pi Zero HW
Hifiberry mini Amp
1,3 Oled from Amazon ( the cheapest)
The rotary-encoder it is the original one for the volume, the on and off button is not yet active but I would like to see if it will start up.
sorry for my bad english.
stay tuned for my next project (Radio Kaiser From 1955 for Living
in this I will need your help because I am still new to these things
but always willing to learn
Thanks Guys
Cumps Viking75



nice work.



Looks great if possible I would like to know more about your build? Thanks rosco

Hi Rosco
What do you want to know?
Cumps Vik

ah to be honest I am not sure, maybe a few internal photos for starters, and whether you had to write any code yourself or was everything plug and play.? I may build something similar as i have a few spare Lithium batteries lying around. thanks