Manual track change causes restart in digital output stream

Device: RPi B+, Volumio 1.51, Hifiberry Digi+

As per topic, SPDIF signal coming from Hifiberry Digi+ stops and starts when manually changing tracks, or manually hitting next track.
This behavior does not happen when the track advances according to the playlist, and it also does not happen when the “stop” button is hit. (ie. digital stream is still alive, transmitting null output according to the sample rate).

Is this intended behavior? Is it possible to configure the SPDIF signal to stay alive when manually switching tracks? (The restart also happens when I manually hit next track)

This is affecting me, because when my DAC is set to be externally clocked to an incoming SPDIF signal, when the digital stream drops, a 1 second delay is introduced before it resyncs, thus losing the first second of audio whenever I manually switch tracks.