Manipulate config files?

Hi, I am trying to find a way to enable/disable the fusiondsp plugin from the commandline, so that I can toggle it with a remote control.
I basically tried to do this:
volumio stop
change the settings in /data/configuration/plugins.json to enable/disable the plugin
volumio start

However, this has absolutely no effect. It seems that the plugins.json isn’t used. I also tried to modify the fusion_dsp/config.json and restart volumio, but that also has no effect.

Is there any way around this? Any way I could change the configuration in a way that volumio will recognize it? Going into the plugins / installed_plugin menu in the UI each time I switch from speakers to headphones is just too much hassle, so would love to have a shortcut for it.

You can"t doing this easily.
But why not use 2 preset in FusionDsp?
One for headphone
One for speakers
you can name them
And access it from the hub

How can I easily switch the profiles? The only way I know is quite lenghty:

  • open the “burger menu” with the three lines on the top left
  • click on Plugins
  • click on Installed Plugins (not shown by default, bad UX design)
  • click on FusionDSP/Settings
  • scroll down a couple of pages
  • select a new preset and apply it
  • close the menu

7 steps to switch the DSP on/off… from a UX perspective that is really annoying, hence my toying around with the settings / remote control.

Your screenshot shows a view I have never seen - does that mean there is an easier way?
I am on volumio 3.661 on a raspberry pi, with a virtuoso subscription.

Just read what I wrote. . Use the hub in right bottom corner with manifest UI

I kept trying to understand what you meant with the hub - in years of using it, I never clicked on that little speaker logo. Feel stupid now, but much happier :slight_smile:
Thank you again - FusionDSP is why use volumio…

Ok. Let me know if you have questions :wink: