MamboBerry LS DAC+ HAT vs. Amp DAC

Hi guys,
after some evolution, my current Volumio audio setup is:
RPi2B powered by original PSU -> MamboBerry LS DAC+ HAT powered by RPi -> Marantz PM6006 amp -> loudspeakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2

I think it still isn’t the optimal setup and I’m looking for the last cost effective improvement. The Marantz PM6006 amplifier has a digital coaxial input and is equipped with the reference class CS4398 D/A converter which I didn’t try yet. It should also have a good PSU in addition.

I see these possibilities:

  1. replace MB LS DAC (Sabre 9023 dac chip) by Allo DigiOne and transport digital signal via 75 Ohm RCA-RCA coaxial cable to amp DAC
  2. leave MB LS DAC as is and add Allo Kali I2S Reclocker + good linear power supply to the chain
  3. no change due to no significant audio quality improvement in comparison with costs

From my point of view, the option 1 might be the best (simpler & cheaper) solution, but I would like to know your opinions.
Please vote and add a comment, thanks.

Looking out for comments on the DAC so I could see whether I had any relevant thoughts, I found this ( … on.213448/) comparison. Given the general view of the CS4398, I’d suggest feeding it as cleanly as possible, and would lean towards #1

my philosophy is to be independent from a amp / dac.
(may the force be with you)
so my suggestion is:
MB HD+ DAC Crystek+ Kali :wink: (psu is not a big jump)

Well, I really don’t want to have the third DAC :wink:

@judydudi: anyway, see this regarding MB HD & Kali reclocker
“…Take under consideration that with SABRE and Crystek(Ultra low-noise) as an oscillator, you do not need any reclocker. And that is a fact!”

no problem. You write here to the reseller of these boards.
If I believe what my clients say, the need is not there anymore as before.
But it still sounds like an improvement!

interesting, could be - the real users experiences are always more credible than the vendor declaration
anyway, thanks for your post