Maintain config.txt entries after updating firmware

I have the 7” lcd connected to my pi3 in a position that requires the display to be upside down. I can successfully invert the image by adding in the appropriate line in the /boot/config.txt file. However, every time I update the volumio firmware I have to re-edit this file to put the lcd_rotate line in. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


Yes, I am currently testing a new version of the touch display plugin which will solve this issue. Edit: I have now opened a PR on GitHub:

Somehow I was assuming you are using a Raspberry Foundation display. When I read your post again I realized that this is not clear though.

In case you should use another display needing specific settings in /boot/config.txt you can add them to /boot/userconfig.txt ( instead. /boot/userconfig.txt does not get overwritten on system updates and is available since Volumio 2.673.

Excellent! That works just fine. Thanks very much gvolt!


Great! :smiley: