mail stuck in outbox

Hi folks I have 2 emails in my outbox that dont get sent. Once they were written I pressed submit and the next page said they were sent successfully but remain in the out box. what have i done wrong if anything. thanks

I presume that this is posted in error, since it apparently has no relevance with Volumio. The message will be deleted unless you indicate otherwise.

I was thinking the same earlier, but maybe the op means the forum private message feature? That had an outbox and sent items?

Still I thought the relevance was obvious, I am trying to reply to a member of the group which I have successfully done recently but now it doesn’t work. It is on the volumio website so you ate telling me it isn’t relevant, why not?

A single word “forum” in you OP would have made all the difference :wink: You didn’t even mention Volumio.

Anyhow to your original question in context now … this is the way the forum PMs work. They will have been sent, and yes I agree that it is not very intuitive/obvious. The bulletin board software is not great, and it is the intention that Volumio will move it’s forums to a new platform in due course.

Well I am glad that has been sorted out. My apologies for not using the word forum or volumio. To me “volumio” is the music playing program and the rest is the support for it and didnt consider it necessary to mention by name.