Made a mess of the installation Help!

I managed to set up Volumio to use with rasperry/digione. However I managed to close Volumio in Windows in the middle of setting up the NAS.
I was then unable to access Volumio via Volumio.local/.

So after about 1 hour of trying i pulled the micro sd card to make a complete reinstall of Volumio.

I use the Win32disk Imager. I can not upload volumio on the sd card. I get the following message: An error occured when attempting to rewrite data - Error 5 Access denied.
Is there someone who can help me to sort this?

Firstly, if using Windows you will not be able to access volumio using volumio.local unless you have ‘bonjour’ installed. Use the device’s IP address directly, if you don’t want to install ‘bonjour’.

Secondly, try a different sd card writer such as ‘Etcher’, or do a Google for the error you are getting. It is not clear whether it is a problem with the sd card itself, or the writer.

Hi Chsims1,
Thank you very much for your input. I used another program to swipe the sd card and I could then install. :slight_smile:

Also managed to connect my Synology Nas, but the directory does not load. I will look into that tonight.

I managed to get Volumio up and running and it’s been playing for a couple of hours. Works perfect!

Volumio set up was straight forward, but connecting my Synology NAS was a little bit of a challenge. These two links proved very good help for me, Recommended if you need to set up a Synology NAS and is a complete beginner like me: … macnfs_nfs … _NFS_Share