Hi all together,

for a reasonable time I have been running a Windows 10 PC with Kodi and an M2TECH hiFace DAC: http://lnx.m2tech.biz/products/pens/hiface-dac/.

I did not find this DAC in the Volumio forum.

Now I want to switch to Volumio on Raspi and, as my capacity is very limited, buy a ALLO - The BOSS Player bundle just here in the shop.
Does anybody know the hiFace and may be a comparison with the Allo Boss?

My traditional audio equipment is from Burmester (Basic- /Classic-Line) with AudiData Speakers (2x Mignon + Soutien 2).

@Michelangelo: M2TECH is from Pisa.

HI, unfortunately the first version of HIFACE is not compatible with Volumio

… but it plays with Webradio.

Unfortunately i have problems mounting my Fritz.Nas

For those who are interested in:

The M2TECH hiFace DAC USB is playing fine with RasPi1 under Volumio 2.246.