Lyrics on volumio

Hey guys,
Lyrics on volumio would be a great feature. Will you do this in the near future?
Greetings Daniel


same feature request



Maybe an integration with Genius Lyrics ( could be possible.
I’m not an expert, but here’s the documentation on their API:, maybe something can be done!
It would be great! It would make Volumio even more complete!

Anyone interested in this option? Any developer who has some free time? :sweat_smile:

Hi Ema82!

We’re working on it just now…
Thanks for the hint

My best



Wow! Wonderful news! Thanks!

+1 That’s a good news!
For the way to switch from Artist Info/Album… etc… and future lyrics options It would be better have some buttons under Artist and Song names instead of current pop-up panel hidden under the 3 dots.

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We are investigating on how to do it.

Mainly, contacting legit lyrics services providers.

We will keep you posted


Hello Davide!
Any news on the lyrics front? :smiley:

We received a couple of proposals from Lyrics services.
The bad news is that it’s really expensive to license lyrics :wink:

But we are not stopping our search :wink:


Thanks! :crossed_fingers:

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Hi, I have lyrics of most of my flacs in their tags. Displaying embedded lyrics within volumio would have to wait for implementing a lyrics service into volumio? thanks


For several reasons, I am currently not running Volumio and switched to somehting else.
That has indeed lyrics.
Don’t know how they’re doing it… but it is quite nice.

As a “workaround” you can use “Neutron” app to remote control your Volumio device.
And that app includes Lyrics and I think they’re doing it from the embedded tags.

Problem : that app costs 10€. There’s a free eval version, but it will expire after 30 minutes :frowning:
I bought it but do not use it, because I found out it does not handle the “Disk” tag well enough. So if I listen to, say, a complete set of piano concertos, it will play track 1 of Disk 2 ofter playing Track 1 of disk 2… Not superbly convenient unless I retag my whole library… ANd that is painful to do when you have 40 different interpretations of the Beethoven Piano Concertos and 40 interpretations of the 9 Beethoven symphonies, not to mention the Mahler and Dvorak symphonies.

Same feature request!

In my opinion, the fastest way to get the lyrics is through the ‘Now Playing’ plugin; if configured correctly, it seamlessly integrates with Genius, where you usually find an abundance of lyrics.

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