LSB & Xbindrc fail to start - web UI unreachable

I am on a fresh install of 2.513 on ODroid C2 hardware with 64GB eMMC as an OS drive. I had this same problem before loading the previous Volumio version as well. I have reached my threshold for reinstalling in order to fix the issue, so I am hoping I can provide enough info to help resolve it.

The issue begins when I change the audio output within the Volumio UI. Upon fresh install, I select the only interface present during setup (a USB DAC) and the system will run well. At any point after this, I plug in a different USB DAC and select it as the audio device, then click “Save.” At this point the playback system is unresponsive. When I click Play, the popup message shows that the file is playing, but the file is not playing and the song duration counter on the UI does not change, also indicating that nothing is playing. I cannot get playback to work at all. There is only 1 USB device plugged in at once. I never have two USB audio devices plugged in, and I never have any USB storage plugged in.

At this point, I reboot from the system UI or power cycle manually. This is where the biggest issue occurs.

When booting after the above issue, the system is no longer reachable on my network. I can see these errors when the system reboots. It seems dhcpcd.service is failing which might make sense if it is not getting an IP. After booting I also see another error which is non descriptive to me, so I cannot tell what it’s related to. It appears to be some sort of kernal error.

[code]Failed to start Xbindrc
Failed to start dhcpcd.service

i2c i2c-1: token 1, master_no(1) 300k addr 0xxx
i2c i2c-1: [am1_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-E10)[/code]


This is incredibly frustrating. The issue comes down to making changes in the “Playback Options” menu. I needed to change DSD from Native to DoP. On a fresh install I made the change in the drop down menu and clicked “Save.” This time, I had no feedback as to whether or not my changes were actually saved. There was no popup message like usual. This is where the system locks up. After reboot I cannot reach the Volumio UI from my web browser or the tablet app. I am able to ping the IP address, however.

I’m not happy about it, but I will try an RPI 3b and see if it’s more stable. The Odroid C2 build is unusable.


I’m using Odroid C2 32Gb SD loaded with volumio-2.513-2018-12-07-odroidc2.img and I have the same issue.
On console i get these errors:

i2c i2c-1: token 1, master_no(1) 300K addr 0xx
i2c i2c-1: [aml_i2c_xfer] error ret = -5 (-EIO)

and keep going, and going.
I look through several forums but I coudn’t find a working fix.

It sound strange only few people are facing this problem. Anyone know what to do?

many thanks

Best thing to do is abandon MyVolumio and find a better solution. It remains a shit show as it has been for years. I will no longer support MyVolumio and I suggest others to do the same.