Low volume output with Kali and piano 2.1

I just replaced a rpi/sainsmart hifi dac with a rpi/kali/piano 2.1 and right away noticed the volume output is significantly lower now. I have tried both dual-stereo and dual-mono.

I searched and haven’t come across anyone else with this problem.

Anyone seen this or suspect what I might have done wrong?


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In case it helps anyone, I set the 24db_digital_gain driver parameter and it seems to have fixed my issue.

Not sure if there are other solutions, but this worked for me.

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Hi dem626,

I never heard about the “24db_digital_gain driver parameter”.
Where or how do you set it ?


I found this link for setting glb_mclk parameter, so i just replaced glb_mclk with 24db_digital_gain and ran it in putty. The volume immediately got louder.

I don’t really understand it, or most of the other settings for that matter.

diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s … ost5148429

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