Low max listening volume

Hello everybody,

I am quite new to the Pi world, I got one to work as a music server, to begin with I am using it on its own to stream signal via USB to an external DAC (a Beresford Caiman SEG) to find out if worth investing onto it, I started with a different player (I know, shame on me…) and then switched to Volumio whose interface I like better (sound quality wise it’s hard to tell, it’s bits so I won’t really believe those who claim a player sounding better than another one), the web radio interface and selection is what I like the best till now not to say it was quite easy to add my NAS to the sources (which I didn’t menage to accomplish with the other software I have been using to begin with).

One issue I am having is the low playing volume, I don’t know if there is anything wrong with how I set it up, gonna attach a print screen so you can tell me.

Also, once in a while the Pi gets a different IP off the router’s DHCP and this bothers me, I now asked Volumio to use a fixed IP, let’s see how it works but I guess the issue belongs to my router which has been provided by my carrier.

That’s it at this moment, thanks to the developers for a very nice tool and thanks to the readers for suggestions on how to overtake the volume issue.

Schermata 2019-02-12 alle 11.39.45.png