LOVING my Volumio set-up (RPi3a + older Bose sound dock)

Just wanted to pop into this subreddit to give some mad props to the Volumio team for writing some amazing software.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3a to pair with Volumio and a hard drive archive of my music. It was amazing how EASY it was to set up and use.

I hooked it up to an older Bose Sound Dock I received from a late relative and it fills our downstairs with rich sound and I love how I can queue up playlists easily while still hanging out with the family.

Was very very excited to purchase the official app to support to developers - I think ever Volumio user should!

One quick question though - is there a way to add new music onto the hard drive through a network connection? To add new music I have been just turning off the Pi and disconnecting the hard drive to add more files. But this means I need to rescan the archive when I plug it back in … is there a way to save this step? [size=1]https://scrabblewordfinder.vip https://www.applock.ooo https://www.7zip.vip