Lost WIFI Connection - no reconnect with Rasp 3B+

Hi Community,
I have a problem with my WIFI connection an my Raspberry PI 3B+. (Volumio - newest Version)
I observed that Volumino finished playing a playlist but in the end the device was no longer accessible via the network.
Remedy: Plug in the Ethernet cable and the Volumino can be reached again.

Why does the device lose the WIFI connection even though WIFI works without any problems, because other devices can access it without any problems.
Obviously, there is no longer any reconnection.

Only with plugin network cable solves the problem or a OS restart.
Can anyone give me a hint.
Thank you!

The problem might be with your wifi router and not volumio. I use Nighthawk router and after seeing similar problems as yours i did factory reset and now volumio now works OK.

OK, thanks!
I have two internet Routers. So i try to switch to the other net and will have a look what happens.
When this is the solution, then this will be an easy way. I will report, if it works. :slight_smile:

That was the solution! Thank you!

As i connected Volumio to another Internet Router - everythink was fine from this moment on. :slight_smile: