Lost most web radios

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:latest
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B+allo piano 2.1+kali
Changed Sparky for Raspberry Pi4b and now I get very few radios. Most of them static noise

You have flashed a new image for your RPi4, and have problems with streamed radio? Do you have any more details, because it sounds extremely odd?

you have to set the audio resampling to 32 bit and the bit depth to 192000 kHz and then the noise should be gone.

I,ll try. Thanks

settings (pian0 2.1)
resampling ON
Target bit depth NATIVE
target resampling rate NATIVE
resampling algorithm quality HIGH

Not working. I get some Flac stations, but nothing else.

You have to set it at 32 bit and 192000 kHz and not native.

do you get or give the combination enough voltage / ampere?

Same settings as with Sparky before. Now no sound or static noise. Only a couple of FLAC (Naim and Paradise). Dont decode my library either (MP3)

then I no longer know what could be the fault.

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Closing duplicate topic. Apparent solution at: