Lost access to Some of Music Library - SSD on Pi4

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.806
Hardware: Pi4
DAC:HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

Library is on SSD drive plugged into a USB3 port on Pi4

This has all been working well for a couple of months.
Now when I go to Music Library I only see one folder of music on the Library Drive.
I don’t even see the name of the drive.
It just goes to that folder and nothing else.

If I unmount the drive and plug it into my laptop I can see all the files and folders.
But the Pi is not seeing them.

Any thoughts?

Rescan or Refresh the music library under Settings, Sources?

Thanks- I’ve tried that a couple of times.
I concluded that the SSD drive was corrupted during a recent power loss.
Does that sound reasonable?

I went ahead and reformatted and reloaded the library and all is well.
I’ll consider this resolved