Loss of performance after upgrade

:nerd: Hello community. This subject is something that always come up after a new software release. I have being using Volumio version 2.587 in a RPi 3. After upgrading to 2.713 I unfortunatelly noticed a degradation of performance. I will list below more details of my setup. The intention of this post is to serve as feedback so it can be taken in consideration for next releases.

RPi 3 with 16gb sdhc
wifi connectivity with fixed ip
Only local library from usb
(All other sources disabled like shairport, dlna, upnp)
No plugins installed, only the default image.

Before update (v2.587)
Boot time (from power on untill a functional web interface) = 32s
Power off time (from shutdown button) = 10s
Classic web interface = responds quickly on mobile.

After update (v2.6713)
Boot time (from power on untill a functional web interface) = 80s
Power off time (from shutdown button) = Sustem does not complete power off.
Classic web interface = more laggy on mobile and feedback green banners after a command take longer to disappear.
The experimental web interface is very modern and looks nice but the performance in mobile is still laggy compared to the classic.

I ended up doing the downgrade to 2.587

If you have a performance comparision chart for popular targets, it would be nice to see the software evolution versus system resources usage.
Thanks for any comnents.

Same problem here. Same setup (RASP 3 and DigiOne, library at USB-Stick + Qobuz).
Plus extra Problems: USB library restarts reading and reading and reading files. System gets quite hot.
Switching to a radio station - it didn’t start to play. Cracking down while playing a file from Qobuz.
i’m actually sick of having problems with volumio after every software upgrade. I will watch out for comments here in the talks, but also will have a look on alternatives.
regards, philipp

It looks there is a fix for this issue.
Trying version 2.773 in a fresh formatted SD card brought back the expected performance!
So I assume it was something with previous release only.