Loss of internet and Volumio will not run?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.916 released Friday Oct 1 11:49 2021
Hardware: HP USFF PC HP8000 x86
DAC: Internal sound card

Typically Volumio runs absolutely fine, the hard disk holds all the music, I have turned off all external sources such as web radio web album art or external services and tin the functional control page all are inactive. So the music collection is just what I have on the HD.

It has a static IP and sits happily on the home network and allows me to connect from another device and play music through it’s own external amplifier.

Last Friday my Internet went down, that was do to a complete cock-up switching from one service provider to another, the internal network on 192.168.1.X was still alive and well.


Volumio when started would not run, if you accessed it quickly from boot-up you managed to get up a screen, but then it would basically lock and do nothing, could not browse the music collection or play anything. At the bottom of the screen was a message “Looking up myvolumio.firebase.com” That never timed out and Volumio just sat there.

Internet is back up and running and so is Volumio, so there is a request happening to access the site and if not found will go no further. Is there anything that could be done to change this behavour, it would be nice if the Internet access did not matter, was there something I could have done to get operation back?