Lose track progress sync in Android app

Hi, relatively new Virtuoso user here. I’ve been enjoying Volumio which I mostly use to listen to Qobuz. I use the Android app to control Volumio. One annoyance I’ve found is that when I return to the Volumio app on my tablet after using another app for a while (reading the news etc) the player progress is almost always out of sync with what’s playing. If it’s moved onto another track then it might show the previous track, or it will show the track progress as what it was when I left the Volumio app. If I pause the track and play again it generally catches up, but that’s not a solution. I’ve found that using the web browser on my tablet does the same thing as the app (which I suspect is just a wrapper for the web page)? I’ve tried a couple of third-party Volumio remote apps from the Play Store and they generally manage to do this a lot better than the official app. Are there any decent workarounds for this, and/or is this slated to be fixed in an upcoming release?


This happens in both the web player, and the iOS app frequently for me and I don’t even have other apps installed or in use on my device. I’m shocked that the problem has existed for so long!

I also experienced the same.
I only listen to Qobuz.

This track is displayed, but I hear the one before it.
It’s playing a playlist from Qobuz with constant repetition for about 2 days…

Hi, this also happens when I play from my USB HDD. In most cases the scenario is that it jumps from track 1 in a playlist or que, to track 3. But it plays track 2. It seldom or never happens later in a playlist. It does not happen when I cast from Tidal android or when I play Tidal from Volumio.
Well, this doesn’t help you but it might be interesting to know anyway.
I have not reported my issue to the Volumio team so far.

Sorry, I phrased that unclearly.
The shift is not only that it is a wrong track but also within a track the time is shifted. I.e. the track is already at 3:40, but it is only displayed at 0:33. At the end of the track it stops and changes much later to the next track where it’s wrong again.
It seems to me that the shift only occurs after many hours, isn’t very big at first and gets bigger and bigger until it’s a whole track or even several tracks.
I am testing it with a playlist from Qobuz with constant repetition and have been doing so for several days.
I did not notice the error within the first pass of the playlist or an album.


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Nice to see my old thread getting some love.

Yes, it’s still happening.

What gets me is that if you’re on Android you get a widget on the lockscreen and notification shade and it is actually correct. This is truly bizarre. The lockscreen widget shows progress A but if you go back to the app it shows B. If you pause playback in the app and resume it suddenly jumps back to A. So it is possible to do it right, just that the app doesn’t. I don’t understand why more people aren’t complaining about this.

Problem still there (Volumio Version 3.569 [20-10-2023] on Raspberry Pi 4B / Android app): It seems like the track timer “goes to sleep” when using another app or when the smartphone goes into standby:

Is there any news about this?

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