Looking for Volumio, or am I?


What I gather from Volumio, especially if I run it on Raspberry Pi, it’s meant to be accessed via local area network, controlled by other devices, say another computer or smartphone. But should I wish to control the very Volumio-Raspberry Pi directly, with GUI, say by attaching keyboard/mouse, or connecting HDMI to a telly and using HDMI-CEC remote, I’m out of luck? Should I just try Kodi for direct control and forget this?

I am myself very new, but there is a plugin called “Touch Display Plugin” that quotes:
Shows Volumio’s UI to whatever Display attached to the device.

Here’s the link:
volumio.org/raspberry-pi-displa … ic-player/

Still, probably lots of questions unsolved: can it use the USB output and not only the analog out, etc, etc, etc.

But hope its a starting point.

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