Looking for touch screen Volumio


I am looking for a good screen of 7" minimum with a good resolution in order to run volumio on it.
I would like to be able to control this screen with a remote control. Do you have any products to recommend?

Thank you.

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how do you like your build? pi inside or outside ?

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I prefer my build with my pi inside if possible.

do you use hat’s on your pi or pi only?

i have :

i will show the other too have to make images of it…
the problem with the inside is you have to open it to get to your sd card …

both 7 inch with extra cooling :slight_smile: and dragonfly dac’s

I don’t use hat’s with my raspberry but maybe I should use one soon because I want to have an external battery for the rpi.

Your installation looks really good, can you tell me what reference material you bought to achieve all of this.

bottom one is standaard raspberry case with standaard raspberry screen 7 inch

and the top one is a pi i took over pi4 /4gb cases and the rest from ali express

i don’t know where your from to look for your options… like ali or amazon
if your dutch i know some shops…

I live in France and I think I will also take the original raspberry 7 "case and screen.

Regarding the box will it allow me to also include with an external battery for raspberry so as not to have to connect the raspberry?

both are connected inside on the pi so you need a power supply or battery of 5 volt and at least 2,5 amp
to run …( 3 amp is better if you want to add stuff later ) can you battery deliver that?

Pls go with oficial psu from rpi4, 5v 3A, ar a psu With at least 3A.

@Lintbf i tested new 5,2 / 5 amp but they where 2x broken … from sossolutions…
now i’m back on 3 amp …

Could this kind of battery holder fit in the case with my raspberry ?


With this battery :

power would be outside the case i don’t think it will fit in the normale case but maybe a other case

beware of the high powered batteries some put them the wrong way and it will smoke / burn…

I need to look for a box where I can install the screen as well as the raspberry and the battery on the back without seeing anything.

with this one you could add it on the stand…

Indeed looks interesting

i have put a better link for the smart pro with a lot of pictures…

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oh ok thanks :ok_hand:

It is all the same a bit expensive and for the use that I am going to have of it I wonder if this type of box with screen would not be better suited:

Finally, it is only to have before the eyes the display of volumio with the cover of what is being played at the moment.
Of course I still have to find this type of box with screen or I can still incorporate an external battery like the one I showed you.

you don’t want to use touch mutch? 4 inch screen without touch … on 7 inch you can eazy
in the large case you could fit your battery inside …

in reality it was mainly to put it in a place and to have the volumio display with the cover of the album being read but not necessarily to touch it.

This is why this kind of 4 "screen would be enough for me. But for that I have to find a box for my rpi3b + and big enough to put my external battery in it as well.