Looking for help with customising UI

Hi All, My setup is as follows:

RPi3 with the latest Volumio build downloaded and set up today
Allo Digione I2C > SPDIf interface feeding a Musical Fidelity X-DAC
Waveshare 4.3" HDMI IPS touchscreen

So my issues are:
every time I reboot when logged in on the web interface on the PC, it says it cannot find the digione , the RPi and digione play fine.

The small screen does not suit my fat fingers, with my previous setup of Picoreplayer and Jivelite, you could set the display for a 800x480pix version with much bigger icons etc. is there an option to do similar, or easy guide to building your own UI on here somewhere?

thanks for any help.

Error message after reboot is a known issue, it will most likely be gone with next release.

Cool, nothing to worry about with that then.

Are custom UI skins possible then?

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