Looking for HDMI Output to TV suggestions


I am new to Volumio and Rasberry Pi. I am all set up, running the interface and in fact am already upgrading the DAC to ESS 9038 and the power supply to Linear. I am impressed with the overall sound and experience. One of the things I really liked about this streaming solution was the HDMI out to TV. I noticed the Bluesound Node 2i didn’t offer this nor do some of the other streamers.

My thought on the HDMI output is that I am not thrilled with it. The theme with the dials and album art, where you can choose your background is OK but having the controls (Browse, Playback, Settings) appear doesn’t make sense when we already have all of this on the web browser interface.

Has anyone created a true HDMI for TV output where you see more of the classic Apple TV look with small Album Art on left, then the file meta data, along with just a line running across for time played, and then the sample/bit rate added in on the right?

I love that simple presentation, which my Onkyo amplifier does perfectly when I run Qubuz through its streaming interface. Perhaps there is a way to reroute Volumio somehow to the same net source on the Onkyo?

Anyway, just throwing it out there to see if anyone has a plugin or another solution for HDMI out?