Looking for advice - a good DAC for RPi4 with no (least?) operation issues with Volumio?

I want to add a DAC to my RPi4 volumio configuration. I am looking for suggestions (endorsements?) for a DAC that meets the following criteria:

  1. Easily integratable and least flaky operation with Volumio. IMHO, Volumio operation is brittle and I don’t want to add something that will make it even worse, like adding a device that doesn’t play well with it.
  2. A reasonable (good?) quality audio DAC for a reasonable price. I am not looking to make the uber sound system - stable operation and good audio quality are the goals

In my searching, HiFiBerry seems to meet these requirements but I’d like to hear endorsements or alternatives, especially about stable operation with the Pi & Volumio.

I would suggest the HiFiBerry Dac2 HD. Excellent sound and easy to set up.

The key with the RPi4 is to have an adequate power supply - 5volt /3 Amp I have found that 5 volt /2.5Amp supplies struggle a bit.


This thread and this set of data might be helpful.

SMSL Sanskrit Mk 2 - good DAC at reasonable price - hardware volume control works well.