Looking for a Raspberry Pi?

Hi everyone, if you or your friends are having trouble buying a Raspberry Pi for your Volumio project, Volumio might have the answer.

Volumio now has the option of obtaining a batch of RPi 4s for people who are keen to build a Volumio project. Given the limited quantities available, we have to prioritize those interested in a Premium account. We could therefore offer a RPi 4 (2GB) plus a year’s Premium subscription (normally €59.99) for €120 if there is sufficient interest. (Note that, as with a regular RPi purchase, you would still need to source your own case, power supply, SD card and any other accessories you might want/need).

At the moment, we would like to understand the level of interest so please let us know if this is something for you!


Any feedback is really appreciated :wink: See this as a group buy, where you can also suggest other ways or options

Love the idea and opportunity, but will leave for others, as I already have 2 rpi4 and 2 rpi0, and life subscription. :grin:

Same for me. The deal is great (the rPi back to a normal price) but already have more gear then licenses.

good idea. I would be interested

I came here to figure out how to work around the pi shortage as I plan to expand Volumio to a couple more rooms. I would be interested for sure!

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I would have loved this because I was in the market to get exactly the Pi you describe and the price gouching on the internet is terrible, all PIs well over $120.00 for just the Pi. The deal I ended up going with was the CanaKit (around $125 I think) that gave you the PI, SD Card, Power Supply and the Flirc case. I didn’t need all that but for the money it was the best deal.

I would do the Volumio deal in a heartbeat if I was looking for a Pi now.

Actually i’m looking for a Pi 4 but no availability or the ones available out of market price. How this would work when already paid the annual subscription couple of days ago?

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I’ve had some issues with my RPi 4B and my Qutest DAC using DSD256. I tried moving to JRiver on Windows to use ASIO to get native DSD, and then the Qutest had other issues. I tried JRiver on Linux, and I compared it with Volumio. Volumio wins, even with JRiver on Linux. There was no doubt. I ended up back with the RPi feeding the Qutest, as the Qutest has problems For most people, I think the RPi 4 is perfect. I am using a mini-PC (running Volumio) on my primary stereo which now has a Mini Maggie speaker system. The RPi 4B, even boosted to 2 GHz, is not sufficient. Basically, what I’m saying is that if you have a fairly normal sound system, I highly recommend Volumio, and the RPi 4 is a good choice.

I’d be interested!