Long Press to Show Option to Add to Queue, etc - To Avoid Erasing the Entire Queue Created

As mentioned above, can you implement a long press on the mobile app and the app itself to show the drop down option to add queue or play next and others.

Also, the 3 dots is so tiny that if you accidentally missed those dots and instead clicked on the large bar of the song, after successfully putting 50 songs on the queue, that accidental song would play and all the efforts creating the queue is GONE! This is both on the mobile app and the server itself.

Is there a way to make it bigger or just implement the long press?

I soooo love Volumio though! So far, the best compared to the OTHERS I have tried :wink:


That’s a very good suggestion

@mervinio what do you think?


Or just a “Party mode” so that touching a song adds it instead of throwing away your carefully created queue and playing the last selected song. It’s so easy to accidentally toch the song instead of the three dots and adding to the queue.