Logitech Media Server plugin

The plugin loads fine but there’s no :9000 web address. Can’t access either with the “configure” button or entering the web address directly

Which plugin did you install, as there are currently 3 different versions.
I would advise either using:

  • Logitech Media Server - Docker Edition
  • DstmMix
  • Perform a manual install of LMS

I installed the plugin directly from the plugin list on the Volumio 3 distribution.

That’s not the answer to my question…

Sorry. I have no idea what plugin is in the distro. It only says that it was authored by Saiyato. On github he indicates version 7.9.1 and nothing else. I’m guessing I’ll have to figure out SSH and install one of the versions you mentioned

You can download them from the plugin section, no need for SSH.
guess this is also the reason that it’s not working. The LMS version from Saiyato has some issues