Login every startup?


i have to login every startup with user: volumio and pw: volumio . It’s very annoying since i dont have a keyboard connectet to my raspberry pi. Is there any possiblility to autologin every start? I just updated from Volumio 1.5 to the new Volumio 2. In volumio 1.5 i didn’t have to login every start. Can i get this autologin feature to the new volumio?

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Volumio is designed to run headlessly ie. you control it via a browser (there is no need to login).

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

Thanks for your answer!

I connected my TV to the Raspberry PI via HDMI, and the TV shows that i have to login with an username and a password?! So that’s not true? I don’t need to login? What’s the purpose of the login?

It is possible to login to the device running Volumio (as you see on your tv), but this is only for altering things on the system that cannot be controlled via the web UI. For normal use, this is not necessary.

I have the same problem.
I must after restart first login via My raspberry connected at TV with keybord.
The login and then can I log in with any computer in the network.
But not with mobil at WIFI on the same router :frowning:
Don´t know whats the matter


@JMGSE You do NOT need to login, in order to use Volumio. Please start a new thread describing your problems in more detail.

if you install the Touch Display Plugin you will have a pretty interface on your Tv too :slight_smile:

Raspberry 3 B+
7 inch screen
plugin 7 inch touchdisplay 1.1.2 on
can connect via volumio.local on PC
have to log in on 7 inch screen every start up. WHY? please explain

To be able to help I need some more information:

What is the Volumio version?

What is the brand and model of the screen and how is it connected to the Raspberry Pi?

Did you have installed an earlier version of the plugin before using 1.1.2?
What happens when you enable the plugin? Do you get any error messages from the UI? If so what do they say?

What happens if you don’t log in respectively what is the effect of logging in in your case?

volumio is on a 7 inch screen
I don’t want to use my PC
On my 7 inch display comes a login screen
it stays there if i do not login

I don’t want to use my keyboard or mouse just the touchscreen
everything used to works fine in touch display plugin 1.1.0

P.S i wrote a BU with version 1.1.0 but if i will write it back it’s suddenly to big for my sd card
the solution to make it fit is much to complicated for me.
So where is touch display 1.1.0?

all ok now