Logaritmic volume scale


My setup is as follow.

  • Minimserver on a netgear NAS
  • BubbleUpnp control point.
  • Raspberry Pi running Volumio with upnp control and hardvare volume enabled.
  • Hifiberry DAC+ (alternate Pi-DAC+ IQaudIO but they behave simular)
  • Power amp from ClassD Ausdio

So, my question is.
I am using BubbleUpnp to control volume. There is a slider with a scale 0 -100 for setting volume. This works nicely but… moving the slider from 0 nothing happens(silent) until you reached about 65, then you can start to hear something. On the last third of the scale, volume goes from silent to max volume.

Is there a way to better utilize the hole scale?


Kind of answer my own question :wink: but I still need help.

I found this post : runeaudio.com/forum/volume-c … -t254.html

Apperantly there is a option to “amixer” named “-M” that will do what I am asking for.

How do I add it to Volumio setup, ???


I have found some answers on my own question, see runeaudio.com/forum/volume-c … -t254.html

Apparently there is a option -M that will do the thing for me.

But another question is raised, how do I add -M to my configuration ???