Local Visual Output

First off, I love volumio. I put together a home project from an old antique “console” type radio. It was just radio, no phono, etc… anyways… the unit I salvaged and gutted came with a fairly large radio dial display. I was hoping originally to put in a 7" touch screen which I have already purchased. The thing is, I would kind of like it not to have a touch screen. I was also thinking that a 5" - 7" analog VU meter might be a nice finishing touch to keep it looking fairly authentic. The problem is a vu meter of that size is as much as I paid for the touchscreen (close)… I think it would be neat to have a capability of a visualization (be it an analog VU meter, maybe digital vu meter, fake radio dial, static images… stuff like that whereby the device (if configured with a local display) can have visual display for some of those home-made projects.

it’s my 2 cents.