Local music is in random order

Volumio (latest v 2.909) adds and plays files in the local Music Library in random order.

The files have Track # in metadata as well as in filenames. Still, not enough for Volumio. No other player has this issue.

The files are served from a CIFS network share (Synology). I have looked around but haven’t found a satisfactory answer. Randomizer plugin is disabled.

Any tips? Thanks.

Are you browsing via media renderer or nas?
Is it an issue new to this version?

NAS. Simple SMB share. I’m new to Volumio (not counting an attempt with Rpi1 back in like 2013 :joy:).

Wrong sorting in 100 % of cases.

I uses flac files. In my case files are sorted in a given folder by the disc number and track number tags stored in the flac file.

Heads up: random order was during the initial NAS share scan. That took several hours. After the scan finished, tracks are in correct order. A weird bug.