LMS web server is wifi access point??

Hi. I got a pi 3b with wifi, when I installed volumio for some reason its set the wifi as an access point. I have no idea why I would want that.

Any how I installed LMS as I want that, but cannot access because instead of the server web addy being set as per the ethernet addy, its been set as per the wifi access point, which surely will lead to a feedback loop that will end the world.

I unistalled LMS, turned off the wifi bit and reinstalled but the same problem persists.

Also when I turned off the wifi access point volumio can no long be accessed by volumio.local it has to be accessed by its IP addy.

Can some one explain how to fix this?


Not sure if I understand it correctly, but you’re saying the access point address, i.e. the 169.211.x.x iirc.
But that should be exempt, since the plugin would take the first non access point address.

This is not what you’re saying, I believe some extended logging is available, can post that?

On my phone now, so I’m working with information from the top of my head. I.e. I might be wrong :wink: