LMS doesn't work

Dear friends,
I’ve installed the LMS plugin but each time I want to open the LMS at myipaddress:9000 nothing happens.
Any suggestions?

Which LMS Server plugin you’re referring too, as there are 2?
What is your hardware?
Which version of Volumio?

I use the LMS plugin found in Volumio.
I have the last version of Volumio.
I use a Mano Mk2 with Raspberry 3B.

there are still 2 different plugins.

In my settings, I cannot find the Dockerized version, just the first one.

Then uninstall the LMS plugin and reboot.

  • goto <ip-address>/dev
  • Enable Plugin Test Mode
  • Install the Docker version and test.

It works!

Thanks to @patrickkfkan :wink: