Links to old posts and search function broken

I encountered two possible issues probably related to the forum software / setup:

  1. Links referring to older posts that were created on the old forum software are broken (example post containing such broken links).

  2. The search function does not seem to work properly in that it delivers only very recent posts although no limiting time range has been given.

Both issues had not been present when the new forum got started.

I confirm that search function gives only recent data… I needed to search on the web…

Sorry for bumping this, but the forum search is quite useless in its current state IMHO.

Ok, we should have fixed it. Can you please check and let us know?

Many thanks!

Search function works again. :+1:

Old links still don’t point to the correct post though (tested with the links in the example post).

The deep linking is a bit more challenging - old links to the base thread should work, but the links with post numbers (the #p64358 for example) may not map over to the new forum.
@volumio Not sure if the redirect rules handle post numbers?

My memory may trick me but I think that links with post numbers worked in the first days or weeks after the change to the new forum - possibly because the old forum was still running in parallel?