Link broken to old image

I am looking for Volumio image version 2.522 of 31/12/2018, that is supposed to be found at … However, this produces 404 - Not Found.

I had updated to the current version, but then have problems with mpd (version 0.20.18) not moving all tracks of a selected disc automatically into the play queue. mpd 0.20.6 does not have that problem (working from Volumio 2.444, latest img that I have). The latest Volumio image with mpd version 0.20.6 seems to be 2.522, so I like to try that, to have at least the benefits of some updates after 2.444.

I have not been able to find another place with 2.522. Can somebody help me please?

OK, i see most old pi images are gone. (< v2.601) (i still see tinkerboard, odroid c1 and some x86 images)

Where are they?
So,i would recommend everybody not to delete his initial image, where everything worked fine…
Without a own backup, it could be that we have to wait until a working image is published again.
@volumio team: was the deletion of the images planned, or are they moved? What happened?
Thanks, judydudi

The old images are still not available because the links remain broken.

With some effort I have been able to compile and rebuild version 2.522 from the source at github, To my surprise, it brought up mpd v0.20.18, which was the version I tried to avoid. A pleasant surprise after that is that it does move all tracks of a disc automatically into to the play queue, even if artists are different between tracks, which was a problem for me in the current version (v2.657 of 18-10-2019).

To benefit from updates after 2.522 and maintaining the capability to load all tracks of a disc irrespective of the artists listed for each track, I really would like to be able to download the intermediate images. Note that even a version as recent as … gives 404-Not Found.

Would I need to contact the Volumio Team by separate Email, or is it safe to assume they monitor this Forum?

Hi jgmaas,

They monitor the forum.

@Michelangelo: Please see my (little late) reply to your PM.

Best Regards