Line-in Audio for Volumio?

Hi Guys!
I plan to Volumio, in my project, to expand an FM radio. I am using the Si4703 breakout board here.
Right away, the project is still in its infancy. The first attempt is promising, but there is still a lot to do.
But now the real problem … The Si4703 breakout board does not output the sound digitally, but via a 3.5mm jack. Is it possible to loop the sound over a sound card with line in back in Volumio to regulate the volume from there and use the equalizer?

I’m looking forward to your solutions and other suggestions. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Hi Peziman,

I fear there won’t be official support for that. As i also have a similar requirement i came to the idea to modify an Allo relay attenuator - because it has line in which could be switched by external components and has support for volume control by using the plugin for it. So you could switch it’s input by using another relay controlled by a GPIO.
Take note you won’t be able to stack that, but you will have to do the cabling and some soldering by yourself.

Another approach (which i also didn’t test until now):

I hope i could help a little bit.


Hi Josef!

Thanks for your help. Well… I hoped there is a simply solution, but it isn’t like that.

The hardware method sounds pretty good at first, but with that the simpli equalizer can be used, for example. do not operate. In addition, I want to use a HifiBerry AMP2.
In addition, I also wanted to automate traffic announcements via RDS, so that the media player is stopped and switched to radio.

Maybe I will go the way to transfer the audio signal of the radio via the line-in of the sound card. And then provide the sound locally as an audio stream, which can then be handled like Internet Radio Station.

Maybe an automated playlist of all available radio stations?

I have come up with some useful ideas now. :smiley: