Library tweaking

I would love to see the playlist next to the library when adding songs. Preferably with an up/down button next to the tracks in the playlist.

Vertical resisable colums
So that one can increase and decrease the size of the colums for better readability and easier overvieuw with long and short titles

Combine a multi-artist track / album as one album
I have some albums that have multiple artists on them. This is one album but shows as multiple.

Theres this one cd that i have that is a collection of multiple artists and each song shows as an other artist.
Combining this makes way more sense.

Hi MobeyDuck, thanks for your feedback

Sorry I didn’t understand this point. What do you mean exactly? Showing playlist position next to each song that is in the current playlist?

Yes, that’s something I plan to do for a long time, just hadn’t time to implement it yet. Also, I plan to make columns configurable, that is, other than genre/artist/albums. It’s on my todo list

You’re not the first one to report that. I thought it make sense to group by artist, in case you have albums with coincidentally the same name from various artists. Since most people seems to prefer not grouping by artist, I’ll patch that soon.

Library view shows 3 columns,
| Style & artists | Albums | Song |

What i would love to see is the current playlist next to the Song column thus making:
| Style & artists | Albums | Song | Playlist |

In this context Play queue would be the better word for playlist.

The playlist column basicly does the same as the current playlist tab. with the addition of an up/down button to change the play order.
(the up/down buttons would be an addition to the playlist tab.)

So basicly you would see your complete collection neatly sorted in the library and the current play queue with up/down buttons.