Library size

I’ve just installed Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 2b and got some music playing.
However I am now trying to update my library of over 11000 tracks. The updating icon has been spinning for 11 hours now (over home wifi). Is this reasonable ?
I’ve been looking into the issue and come to understand there may be a limitation with Volumio of handling more than 10000 files (in which case. It is unfit for my purpose).
Is this correct ?
Is a fix being developed ?
I am on version 1.55
A definitive reply would be really helpful to stop me wasting any more time.

Same question here, I have observed that some newly added files are not visible on volumio…


to give you an idea: just tested it on a new sd.
My library currently contains 633 artists, 1331 albums and 22206 songs, indexing took 39 minutes.
Just don’t use the Library Tab option.

That happened to me too, it just didn’t stop updating. If you are only updating folders that volumio has in it’s library, try to only update that folder at a time.


How are you updating your database and accessing the files then?
I tried it with “mpc update” but still, I can not select the newly added files in the browser or mpdroid.


first, don’ t activate the library option. Better to remove it when you did.
Then go to the Browse-Tab and on the “NAS” entry, click the most right option and select “Update”.
That’s all…


same problems here with library.
I mounted my music directory from my nas (several dozens of Go, mire than 30000 songs).
I disabled the library with as recommanded on the the forum. However, Updating is very long, and after 24 hours, it just seems too stop indexing. When I check on the NAS browse view, only apprx 30 directories are apparently indexed.
Is there a way to simplify that ? MAybe should it has something to do with network ? I will try with the music collection on an usb drive with direct connexion to the Py.


Thank you for your help, however, it does not work for me.

After refreshing the folder in the NAS tab, the newer files are still not visible.

Any other ideas how to fix that issue?

Sorry, I missed this post :blush:

I don’t actually do anything, only add the NAS mount (name, protocol, remote share name, user, password) and wait.
In case you’re able to use a terminal, could you enable mpd logging by uncommenting or adding log_level?
Should look like this:

log_level "default" log_file "var/log/mpd/mpd.log"

Reboot and add the NAS mount, go back to the terminal and type

tail -f /var/log/mpd/mpd.log

and see if and how fast the db is being updated.
In my case it goes at a fair rate and finishes after approx. 38-40 minutes.


Thank you again, but I guess that the error was related to missing authorization on my shared folder…my bad :blush:
I moved to Open Media Vault recently and forgot to make sure that rights get inherited from the main tree.

Just started the update again with acess rights to the folder, looks good…

Cheers Christoph

Hello, I’m new to Volunio and your Forum so please forgive me if this shouldn’t be posted here!

I have a question regarding the extremely important subject of the maximum capacity the library can scan and store. My collection is currently 75% of a 2Tb HDD and that’s about 150,000 files so far and growing. After reading all the posts in this thread (and searching elsewhere on the forum) I can’t seem to find out if the issues here have been resolved. I need to know if it’s likely your software will accept such large library’s. I do not understand Linux program code or any other, but especially as a PC user I wanted to find software that avoids having to modify the software as with RuneAudio for example.

Of course I can test this but I don’t want to spend time (as with two other software designs) if the media library is not going to cope. RuneAudio state 2Tb maximum HDD size, so I assume there’s always got to be an upper limit. I intend to upgrade to 4Tb soon. My Netgear NTV550 is crashing more frequently running 150,000 files hence my looking for a functional solution here.

Another vital question is regarding how your software stores the media library after completing the scan. Is this stored on the SD card inside the Pi or externally on the HDD (Netgear stores it on the HDD so you don’t have to wait over and over for the re-scan after power down).

This is actually looking like a very good solution, I mean no offence but it can be frustrating after trying so much software (and very expensive hardware) to obtain the facts. It’s hard to believe it’s been so difficult to simply play music.

Thanks for your excellent work so far, it’s impressive, I hope it will work for me.

Hi, you bring up a very importan question.
My background: I am a new user to Volumio, but I use streaming hardware and software (mostly UPNP based) since a couple of years.
Since I was quite frustrated with all the stuff, I now try to build a hardware that has a true HiFi output and holds the files on the device (no more streaming and networking for music playback, just to keep this ‘NAS’ up to date)
I decided to use Volumio as a first try for my hardware - and was quite happy as long as I had aprox. 25GB of music on the boot device (SDHC card on a raspberry 3). Then I added a usb flash drive to hold by complete music collection (aprox. 16000 titles / 100GB, mostly mp3 and some flac). And now the trouble begins - indexing takes very long - if I add many titles to a playlist the device is no longer able to play any songs or build up the website. Forget about Volumio for such a purpose - but up to know I can not recommend ANY commercial or DIY project to work properly with a large music collection !