Library Size Limit?

I was wondering if there is a limit to number of files for artists or tracks or whatever for ver 2 as I have had to move a whole bunch of files so that volumio can work or is it some corruption of some sort of file volumio cannot work through

Thanks from a newbie :confused:

How many tracks do you have, and exactly what have you “needed” to do to get the files indexed?

Now after much playing about moving files etc I seem to have worked it out. Volumio does not like to have more than 1500 artists, if not other limitations I haven’t reached to yet! (BTW this is on 16gb and/or 64gb Samsung micro sd cards) Shame as I bought 2 extra raspberrys and 2 gpio dacs which will now not access my whole library. I can’t have radio either if more than 1500 artists…

:astonished: Seems like I’ll have to use a PC and foobar :cry:

Don’t worry, I’ll take a look at that

It would be cool if this could be sorted. I appreciate your help.

BTW if you need a guinea pig I’ll be glad to help and test.

Does Volumio on the the Asus tinker board have the same limitations?


Yes we’ll definetely need you :wink:

just pm me

I was wondering about this as well as whether there is a size limit for the files for individual tracks. With the latest download (and also the HiFiBerry Digital Pro download) the library scan is stopping at 200 artists and just over 500 tracks. I have about 1TB of files on a Synology NAS. Raspberry PI 3 and HiFiBerry Digi Pro.

In particular I have some Allman Brothers tracks that are over 1GB and a couple that are over 2GB. I was kind of wondering whether the issue came up when the scan encounters these files, so I moved them out of the scanned NAS folder and I still hang at approximately the same spot. Any suggestions as to what to look at?

btw, other than this library issue which appears in both versions, the Digi Pro version is working well and sounds really good into my PS Audio Directstream DAC.

I’m having the same problem. My Music shows numbers that are way off. There should be about
900 artists,
3,000 albums,
50,000 tracks

I’m running version 2.201 on a Pi2 with a 64GB card .

I may also be able to help, my library is also large - there’s a total of 2173 artist folders on my music NAS. It’s over 2GB of albums, mix of FLAC and MP3.

I added a new album and forgot to move files around… :cry: Wish I could see my 5tb of music all at once instead of shuffling files around :confused:

Hello, this is my first post here, I expect to be in the right topic.
I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 B v1.2 with my 16 TB RAID (12TB used in RAID 5 mode).
The point is, Volumio seems to had reached the limit for Library size and a lot of albums are out and I can’t find a way to add these.
No matter if it is an album for artist in the list or new artist out of the Library, but the limit seems reached.

All my music is in AIFF or DSD format.

Have this a solution different to move to other software?