Library keeps losing my source listings!

This keeps happening when I change settings. Rebooting doesn’t help and both USB and NAS sources disappear from Library. Their listings are still present and intact looking through WinSCF into the relevant music directory.

I don’t want to update Library each time as it takes a day with my extensive collection. Can I do some edit to resolve this? I’m using RPi2 with self powered USB HDD. Thanks for any advice.


did you look if your sdcard is corrupted ?

To see errors :

Do a fsck :
sudo su touch /forcefsck
reboot, it’ll scan for filesystem errors.

Maybee your database is corrupted, search for a topic where the database is removed then recreated from scratch.

Hi and thanks for your suggestion.

I’m new to Linux and don’t have it on PC. Do I Key in your codes with screen and keyboard through Pi?

Funny thing is, the USB source sometimes reappear when I use another andoid phone or Win laptop to open the Volumio app or webUI. Then the files can be played. But the NAS source remains missing in the webUI. Perhaps the problem is in the android app or my WiFi setting?