Library Filter? *.flac ?

is there a way to configure Volumio to only add certain file types to the Library? I was hoping to have just a complete FLAC library instead of all of the mp3’s mixed in (since they are in the same NAS).

Certainly not from the UI at present; you might have more luck by looking into how Volumio actually scans the NAS and tailoring your setup. If you don’t feel confident with doing that then a simple filter on your NAS would be the simplest solution (separate the files into two different folders).

I’m pretty comfortable editing files if I need to via terminal. I just don’t know which files to start poking around in.

I’m also exploring the best way for me to start restructuring my NAS…but it’s no small feat.

I have the same issue, with my FLAC albums in a separate folder on my NAS, and that means I can’t/don’t listen to the FLAC versions on the Pi. (If I add the FLAC folder to Volumio, and if I have both MP3 and FLAC versions, I’ll see the same song twice in the Volumio library… but I have no idea which is which.)

Ideal solution would be for Volumio to have the option to group FLAC albums/songs separately in the library web UI. Perhaps based on the file type; mp3, flac, aac, mp4? Or maybe based on the flag type; ID3, Vorbis? Dunno if that’s feasible?