Library auto update with NAS?

I thought that the library was supposed to be automatically updated when a change to the library is detected. However, this is not happening with my library hosted on a NAS. It works fine with manual library updates, but I have to perform the manual update every time I add an album to my library which gets tiresome after a few hundred times :wink: Should this be working?

Would like to see this too.
But with some good fail safe, to avoid clearing out the dB file as for some reason the connectivity with the Network resource is dropped (hick up)

Unfortunately this won’t work and there is no way for us to make it work.
Reason is we use inotify to check for fs changes, and that does not work for network drives

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@volumio Thanks for you answer.

That doesn’t leave much room to argue :wink:

So unless we hack our NAS, Install something like notify-forwarder, as the kernel of your NAS knows when files are changed, have this call an end-point (function) in Volumio to perform the scan. Then you also need to take care of the fact that you only want 1 call and not 12 calls (since you added 12 tracks)
But this is a very flaky way to go and will give most likely more frustrations then benefits.
I’ll stick with the update button, when needed.