Libary: Show and sort by filename, list folders first


I didn’t find a feature request like that using search, so sorry if this has been asked before.
I mainly add music to playlists by browsing my collection on a USB-Stick, which is a copy of my main music collection. It is organised in multiple genre-folders, containing sub-folders for artists and albums or compilations. But the genre-folders also contain a lot of single files that don’t belong into a sub-folder and are typically named “Artist - Trackname.ext”. Right now it’s quite difficult for me to find my files, since folders are at the bottom of the list, so I have to scroll down a lot. And the music files seem to be sorted by album, which doesn’t make much sense with long lists of single files.

So my wish would be a “behave like a normal file manager” option:

  • list folders first
  • show filenames (showing metadata in the 2nd row of each item would be fine though)
  • sort by filename

Thanks for your great work so far!