Learning (all advice appreciated)

Hi all,

Im trying to update a retro radio setup i did a little while ago… because i know it could definitely be better.

This is my raspberry pi set up at the moment and the first thing i need some advice on are the following questions.

  1. Should i upgrade the pi to a 5? (Or 4)
  2. Should i change the amp zero to a different hat?

Hopefully the next pic will help with the next questions.

This is the space i am working with, rough estimation of free space is. L 4" W 8" D 2"

It leads me to my final question, this was the old speaker and i am useless at this bit

  1. Can you recommend a 5 inch mono speaker that would work with the existing (or recommended improvements from initial questions, both preferably) hardware.

I would be delighted to add a new 5inch speaker and get much improved sound quality.

Thanks so much for reading this and appreciate all replies

If you can find and afforrd it for this project, the old Scanspeak Revelators are great speakers that have a wide bandwidth and high efficiency. Would make a great replacement.
Eseentially any speaker that is 8ohm with high efficiency (likely in the low to mid 90s) will be great for using the original stuff you have there and sound beautiful. No need for anything fancy unless you want that. I would look on Madisound.com and see what they have on offer.
For the Pi, I would definitely update to the Pi 4b if you can. More RAM more processor power and still highly compatible with most everything available to the Pi3. It is a win/win to upgrade it.
If you are happy with the AMP zero HAT and it is enough to power whast you want it to and achieve the volume you are after, I say stay with it. You can always update that part later.
I have a setup now with the AMP100 and it is CRAZY powerful. Honestly I would have been happy with something of much lower power for my needs, but it is fun to make nonetheless.
Hopefully some of this is helpful. I look forward to your continuing progress. :slight_smile: