LCD Recommendations

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I’m looking into building a Volumio Play with an integrated amp. I was hoping some folks could suggest an LCD screen to use that wouldn’t require writing much code as I am not a programmer. I would like a 16*2 oled if possible but I am hoping for some suggestions. Thanks!

hmm i am a complete beginner as well and have been trying to do the same as you. Problem i find is many of the guidance and posts for volumio and linux in general are at a more expert level than i am. This is my limited understanding but i may be wrong!

I ended up buying 4" waveshare HDMI screen. The smaller screens use the GP10 pins of the pi. My understanding is that if you have a DAC or digital output for your music plugged onto the GP10s then you cannot then use the pins for a screen. So hence i got a HDMI screen as i have a HifiBerry Digital on my pi. If you are not using a GP10 soundcard then you can use a small screen.

I tried the 7" touchscreen plug in but it doesn’t work, and if I use the drivers from the Waveshare website it seems to crash linux. The screen uses the GP10s for touch. Some of the larger screens use USB connection back to the pi for touch and power control. From my reading of the GP10 pins, the screen touch does not use the same pins as my Hifiberry Digi so should work.

The only way i have got the screen working is by using the command line (i am old enough to have used DOS but still I do not understand linux syntax very well)

I needed to change the volumio config file. I have got the screen now working but just cannot get touch calibrated. If i use the 7" plugin touch works but it is not calibrated. If i use the drivers from waveshare it just crashes volumio.

So in summary, its not that easy for a complete newbie!

Did you ever figure out the touchscreen calibration?

I have a Waveshare 4.3 inch screen that doesn’t use GPIO pins at all. Video goes through HDMI and touchscreen control through USB. The cursor shows up about 1/8 inch off from where you touch.

No i cannot get touchscreen to work. i got so frustrated i have given up for a while. I have got cursor on screen, following waveshare guidance you set up a text file with screen calibration settings, if i follow that it crashes PI. The touchscreen plug in much have a calibration file somewhere but do not nowhere it is.

To add to the injury broke the touchscreen element of the waveshare screen when fitting a a cover plate to my box. bought a new 4" waveshare which appears slightly different (must have upgraded the model) now doesnt seem to work at all with volumio and setting worked for previous screen.

Hi there

I only use the official 7inch Pi display for my projects. … h-display/
Because it just works…no tweaking there, no grabling around with settings etc.